Results of the 30-Day Manifestation Challenge


This will without a doubt be one of my more “personally revealing” blogs and I’m SO excited to share my process and results with you all.


A month ago I asked you all the following questions:

  • How would your life be different if believed you could manifest your dreams into reality?
  • Where would you live?
  • What kind of partner would you choose?
  • What work would you do and how much would it pay you?
  • How would the world see you and what impact would you have in this lifetime?


And so with that, I launched a manifestation practice (or challenge, if you will), which outlined the process and I invited you all to join me.

Do you recall the 7 key ingredients? Here they are again, as well as what I laid out for myself. Keep reading to the end to see my RESULTS!


1.    Have the awareness that change is needed. I’ve been successful at keeping off a 30 lb weight loss, but was ready to take my health and wellness to the next level and regain the athletic body I once had.

2.    Be clear and detailed about the change you want. My new mantra became, “I am a size-6 athlete.” Pretty clear, right?

3.    Believe that you can manifest the change – this is the most important ingredient! While I’ve never…I repeat NEVER…have been a size-6, I knew with absolute certainty it was possible. I realized I had so much more in my toolbox than when I was even at my smallest size of an 8. So yes, I BELIEVED in the possibility.

4.    Bask in the emotions of how you would feel as if it’s already happened – this will amplify the message you’re sending out to The Universe to support you. I used the power of my imagination to stir up all of those great emotions associated with success. I envisioned what it would be like to slip on a pair of size 10 jeans in my closet and see them hanging off me. I imagined how much FUN shopping for new clothes would be. I pictured myself in front of the mirror studying my muscles, basking in the strength I felt.

5.   Create a regular practice that will keep you connected to your dreams and on track with your thoughts. I’d planned on a 5-minute meditation each morning and night. Truth be told, this was the toughest part for me. I probably managed to carry this out 50% of the time. Imagine what my results would have been at 100%!

6.    Recognize that negative voice when it pops up and immediately replace it with your vision and belief in it. Choosing that quick and easy mantra helped tremendously! Whenever that naysayer popped up, I quickly replaced any negative thought with “I am a size-6 athlete.”

7.    If you can’t quiet that pesky voice – reach out for support! I could have used a coach to keep me accountable to my twice-daily meditations. I would have had TWICE THE SUCCESS. I’ve said it before, we ALL need a coach at times. Even a coach. 😉




  • Dropped 1 dress size
  • 7lbs lost
  • 6.5” of fat burned off my body!
    • .5” off my calves
    • .5 off my biceps
    • 1” off my chest
    • 1.5” off my hips
    • 3” off my waist – YES THREE!!!!
    • Half-marathon completed 15-minutes FASTER than planned, with NO soreness or fatigue the next day


I am well on my way to achieving my mantra that, “I am a size-6 athlete” and it feels SO AMAZING! I’ll keep you all posted my continued progress each month until I’m THERE!


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